Micro Mintage Silver

Silver Shield Subscription Offered By Micro Mintage Silver

Automatic Orders

The rounds that fit your criteria are automatically ordered for you.  Never miss out on another Silver Shield release again - Just relax, sit back, and let Micro Mintage Silver do the ordering for you!

No Commitments

Cancel anytime & the ability to skip the rounds you don't want.  You will receive 5 days notice when a round meets your criteria before payment is collected.  During that 5 day period of time, you can cancel your order on that item.  Simply respond to the email containing the rounds that you do not want. 

If you would like to stop or change your automatic orders, simply send us an email for help.

Card On File - Offered By Square

With the convenience of Square's "Card On File" feature, your payment is automatically collected for each item that meets your order criteria.  Your payment information is stored safely and securely with Square.  Don't worry though, we will let you know 5 days in advance before charging you for an item.  This gives you the ability to skip any round that would have otherwise been ordered for you.  What good are automatic orders if you have to remember to pay for them each time - problem solved!

To learn more about Square's Card On File feature - Click Here.

Pre-Sale Pricing

Silver Shield subscription members receive the same great PreSale pricing that we advertise on our retail site - volume discounts included.  Payment is collected 5 days after a round is first offered.

Would you rather not participate in PreSales?  We also offer the option of paying when the rounds arrive in stock.  There is an extra fee to use this option.  Send us a message for more details if you would like to use this option.

Fast Shipping

Micro Mintage Silver ships quickly!  We always have your PreSale rounds in the mail within 1 business day of receiving them in stock (or within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment).

International Shipping Available

Ask us about the options we offer to our customers outside the USA.  Reduced or free international shipping is possible - check out our latest blog post for details on this option.

Ready To Get Started?

Let's get started:

Some common examples of automatic orders our customers request:  Quantity of 1 on all 1oz Silver Shield Group proofs / Quantity of 1 on all Silver Shield rounds offered / Quantity of 1 on all Silver Shield Group rounds / Quantity of 1 on all 1oz proofs / Quantity of 20 on all MiniMintage copper rounds ect.. 

We can help you choose if you are unsure.

Micro Mintage Silver