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Ready to become more than just a customer of Micro Mintage Silver?  We want to share our success with the people who helped us get where we are... our customers!  Receive a level return on money plus a share of Micro Mintage Silver's total revenue.  

Why offer this now?

I had decided early on that all inventory would have to be supported by sales and not be purchased with leverage (borrowed funds).  But I didn't realize just how big of a hit Micro Mintage Silver would become.  

I now realize that Micro Mintage Silver's full potential is being limited by following this policy.  We are starting to see volumes that support additional funding + some other special offers that we want to extend to more customers into the future.

We now have a need for funding for the following reasons:

  • Higher volume of orders.  There is a lag time between credit card orders and when the funds arrive in our account.

  • We offer a pay later option (pay when the rounds arrive in stock) to select customers.  We want to be able to offer this to all customers in the future.  We currently charge a 3.5% fee to use this option and would like to be able to make this option more affordable as well.

  • We now offer international customers the option to combine multiple orders into 1 shipment.  These customers pay for their monthly order at the end of each month.  We want to be able to extend this option to more customers in the future.  Micro Mintage Silver carries this balance until paid for each customer using this option.  This factor is our largest need for funding currently.

  • The 6 to 9 week delay in inventory arriving after ordered from the mint.  With up to 4 new offers each week, this lag time in inventory costs really starts to add up quickly.  There are some customers who prefer ordering after the item comes into stock regardless of pricing offers.

  • If we can order just 2 or 3 more of every round, that will translate into higher potential future profits.  We will be less likely to sell out of each individual round plus will be able to keep our pricing at a lower level for a longer period of time.  We are seeing sales that support the need for larger inventory purchases.


  • Be an existing Micro Mintage Silver customer.  Your first order with us must have been before 11/30/2019 and you must have ordered at least $100 in purchases over the past 90 days.

  • Have at least $1,000 USD to lend.

Compensation Details:

For each $1,000 USD block:

-7% Annualized Return


-0.03% Retail Revenue Share

Interest and revenue share paid out at the end of every quarter via PayPal (you will receive the full amount owed after PayPal fees if applicable).  Alternatively, you have the option of receiving the amount as a store credit.  You will receive a quarterly report with an outline of the sales as reported by eBay and GoDaddy (our website provider).

Individuals who lend $5,000 or more also have the option of joining our wholesale pricing group.  Ask for more information by sending Aaron an email today: sales@micromintagesilver.com

Agreement can be canceled by either party with a 30 day notice.  Agreement cannot be changed unless the principle amount is first returned to the lender.  With notice, your principle amount will be returned at a rate of at least $2,500 / month until the entire balance is returned.

No 1099s will be issued.  Consult your tax accountant on how to report income from interest on personal loans.

Retail Revenue Includes The Following:

-All sales on eBay / MicroMintageSilver.com including items that are not related directly to precious metals / Silver Shield.  Including consignment sales and sales of personal collection pieces if sold on eBay/MMS.com

Retail Revenue Does NOT Include:

-Sales that originate elsewhere (email orders, SSG forum orders ect).

-Buying group / wholesale account customers

-Shipping if paid separately from the base price of rounds (international shipping costs, copper round shipping costs not included in the base price of rounds).

-Subscription service members (this will change at some point in the future)

-International customers who order via email for the purpose of combining multiple orders into 1 shipment (this will change at some point in the future).


Retail Revenue By Month

2019 Retail Revenue

January - November 30th Total:   $118,580

$129,361 Yearly Pace

Total debt owed by Micro Mintage Silver as of 12/05/2019:


Accounts payable as of 12/05/2019 (pending inventory payments / consignment orders not yet paid):


Accounts receivable (buying group 10+ day balance):


Accounts receivable (buying group 1-9 day balance):


Other accounts receivable (pending offline payments / other unpaid orders):


Working capital as of 12/05/2019:


January 2020 Preliminary Sales

The January 2020 sales figures are in:   $22,429.30 for the month of January 2020.  The revenue share being offered to new members is now 0.03% per $1,000.

Our ongoing goal is to grow sales on MMS.com and convert as many eBay customers over to our website as possible.  As you can see in the chart above, I feel this campaign has been successful.   One of our long term goals is to become the #1 destination for Silver Shield rounds - past or present.  One day, "MicroMintageSilver.com" will be the go-to website destination instead of "eBay.com" for Silver Shield rounds.  We also have plans to start an eBay alternative just for Silver Shield rounds.  The future home of this site is going to be SilverShieldAuctions.com  Any future revenue from that venture will be included in revenue share payout (more info on this to come in the future).

Our goal in 2020 is a 20% gain on revenue levels without additional funding.  This is based on the growth in average order size alone that we have experienced from early 2019 to late 2019, and the actual growth could be more based on word of mouth + other growth factors.

SSG forum orders are now placed on our website.  This accounted for about $18,000 in sales not shown in the 2019 info above.

We project an additional $23,700 gain in revenue during 2020 alone if full funding levels are met.

Total goal revenue 2020 if full funding is met:  $196,900

Total Funding Goal

We are only accepting a limited amount of funding at this time.  There may be a wait list to get started.  Send us an email to reserve your spot in line today.  Sales@MicroMintageSilver.com

1 Block = $1,000 USD

Total Funding Goal Today:  15 Blocks

Other factors to consider:

Factors That Could Improve Revenue Above Expected in 2020:

  • silver spot price rising
  • premiums over spot for silver rising
  • other increases in base unit costs that translate into higher retail pricing
  • Economic turmoil such as a recession would likely result in higher interest in precious metals.  Therefore more interest in brands like Silver Shield.
  • Lack of competition outside of hobby sellers on eBay.  Lack of competitors that have a considerable website presence.

Other positive benefits:

  • Your investment is backed up by inventory with intrinsic value.
  • We recently started budgeting some funds towards advertising on Google Ad words and we are starting to see some positive results from this effort.  This advertising was only started in September so its unknown what the revenue impact this could have.

Risk Factors That Could Result In Below Than Expected Revenue in 2020:

  • Underlying change to the pricing structure offered by GSM / Chris Duane.  Specifically, the spread between purchasing 1 round and 50+ rounds on proofs.
  • Silver spot price falling
  • A very well funded entity entering the Silver Shield market with the ability to accept lower (or negative) profit margins for an extended period of time.  

Other possible risks:

  • Aaron Thomas becoming unable to run Micro Mintage Silver due to health or other unexpected issues.
  • Changes to the underlying structure of the banking system that results in limited access to funds or seizure of funds.
  • Golden State Mint remaining in business and delivering as promised.
  • Foundational changes to the mailing system.  Either becoming unavailable or not cost efficient to perform retail business any longer.  Or if the mailing system stops suddenly with inventory in limbo.
  • Changes to items that are allowed to be exported out of the United States.
  • Other unexpected changes made by Chris Duane that changes the feasibility to remain an independent distributor of the Silver Shield brand.
  • If we are required to make a change to our business name "Micro Mintage Silver" for being too close a match to the phrase used by Chris Duane "MicroMintage".  Note:  Chris Duane has not trademarked the phrase "MicroMintage" specifically.  Our business name is one reason why many potential customers believe they are dealing with the official Silver Shield dealer, though we make every effort possible to inform customers when asked.

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