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Shipping Policies:

Q: What are the shipping costs to the U.S.A. on Silver Shield Group & MiniMintage rounds?

A:  Free shipping on all Silver Shield rounds.

Q:How long will it take to receive my in stock item?

A: Micro Mintage Silver always ships within 1 business day.  Normally, you will receive your in stock purchase within 2 to 3 business days of ordering.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do.  International shipping is calculated based on weight.  More Information - International Shipping

Q: How are the packages mailed?

A: Micro Mintage Silver uses First Class Package for most orders - Priority Mail for larger orders.  Items under $100 are usually mailed inside a bubble mailer - more expensive rounds in a box.

Q: Is my package insured?

A:  Yes.  In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we will do what it takes to fix it.

If you receive a damaged shipment, notify us within 72 hours of delivery.  If possible, please include pictures and any details you can provide.  We will get back to you right away, with the options we can offer to make it right.  If we decide that we want the damaged item back, we will pay return shipping.

In the very unlikely event , you believe your package has been lost in the mail, please first check the tracking or delivery confirmation to double check the package is not at your post office or waiting for you to pick it up (because the mail delivery personnel can often forget to leave notice).  For shipments within the USA, we consider a package lost after 10 business days.  International shipments - 25 business days.

Insurance claims cannot be honored in the following circumstances:

**If you instruct your mail carrier to leave your package without a signature

**If you give your mail carrier instructions to leave your package with any 3rd party.  This includes, but not limited to:  UPS store, Mail Boxes ect, 3rd party remailing service where addressee is unavailable to sign, apartment manager.

**If package is forwarded to an address that is not the delivery address given with your order

**Any re-mailing occurs (3rd party remailers ect)

**Packages will be considered delivered when tracking says "Forwarded..."

**If items are returned to us by mail without prior consent:  re-mailing in any fashion voids insurance if the insurance claim is not first initiated.

**Damage claims must be brought to our attention within 72 hours of delivery

If any products you order from us are lost or damaged in transit, Micro Mintage Silver will pursue the claim with the insurance company.  If we determine the package to be lost, we will file the claim.  We reserve the right to re-ship your item(s) or provide you with a refund.

Q:My package looks to be damaged or possibly tampered with, what should I do?

A: Micro Mintage Silver suggests that you refuse the delivery and the package will be returned to us, upon arrival we will inspect the package and make a determination.  If you accept a damaged package, save all packing materials and contact us within 72 hours.  Claims made outside of 72 hours after acceptance of delivery will not be redeemable and the claim will be denied.  We also suggest that if you decide to take delivery of a damaged package, you ask the mail delivery person to note the damage on their end.  A signed affidavit will be required for all insurance claims.

Q: Will I know ahead of time if a product is on back order?

A:  We only sell products that are in stock or "PRESALE" marked items only.  All PRESALE items will be clearly marked as such when ordering.  We never duplicate items for sale on multiple venues, that we don't already have in hand or expect to receive.  Generally, if a design is our last in stock, we only list it for sale here on our website, to avoid double sale of any item.  In the unlikely event we over-sale an item, we will do the right thing and source the item for immediate shipping to you.

Q: Can you ship to a PO Box?

A: Yes we can, if the shipping service you select at check out makes this possible (Standard Shipping is acceptable for this), we will ship to a PO Box.  Certain mailing services will require a street address for delivery.

Q: Will you require a signature for my order?

A: Over $750: Yes, it is required by our payment processors.  $250-$750:  We will choose signature delivery in certain circumstances (or if you request it).  $100-$250: We will choose signature delivery for new customers and addresses that appear to be in apartment complexes or similar communities.  Under $100: as long as the package is small enough to be placed in a standard mail box, we will not choose signature confirmation (but tracking will always be included).  Package values can either be based on the actual amount paid or the replacement value (whichever is higher).  For example, you purchase an item for $200 PreSale and when the round arrives the replacement value is now $750, signature will be required.

Q: I haven't received my package and you sent me an email saying my package has shipped.  What should I do?

A:  Packages are almost always delivered within a few business days, but delays do occur.  Especially if around the Christmas holiday or in the event of a natural disaster in the Tulsa Oklahoma area or your home area.  We ask for your patience when these things do occur, and 10 business days after shipment, before we will consider a package lost.   Should the package not arrive, an investigation of the shipment is required before any order is reshipped or refunded.  To speed this up, please provide pictures if you can, or any details you know about the situation.  A signed affidavit will be required for all insurance claims.


Q: Does Micro Mintage Silver offer bulk pricing?

A: Micro Mintage Silver offers volume discounts on certain items.  New arrivals (PreSale items) generally afford the largest volume discounts.  As our in stock quantity for that design deplete, we generally cannot offer volume discounts on that item any longer.

Q: Is there any additional charge for paying by credit card?

A: All prices listed include purchase by credit card.  At this time, we except all major credit cards through Square or PayPal.  We offer a 2.9% cash discount for certain payment types.  Send us an email for details: help@micromintagesilver.com


Please contact us right away if you believe you need to return any part or all of your order.  In the extremely unlikely event that your order is incorrect or not as described, we will do everything that is required to make it right!  Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your package.  If making a return due to any reason beyond an error on our part or because of an insurance claim, we may charge a 20% restocking fee on certain products (and /or a mark down of the refund based off of silver spot price market  fluctuations for certain items).  If the error is ours, we will always do what it takes to make it right!  On some items, pricing fluctuates based off silver spot price, any changes in silver spot price may reflect this on return refunds.  We do not accept returns based solely on the spot price fluctuating since your order.

Proudly featuring the Silver Shield Collection line of products

Proudly featuring the Silver Shield Collection line of products

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